Expired Daily Deals

LivingSocial, GroupOn & ALL other Daily Deal Coupons that have expired are still valid for the dollar amount that you purchased them for. Our regular menu 30 minute massage is worth $45 dollars as displayed on our menu...click for pricing.


However, an additional fee* will be required, to use your, LivingSocial, GroupOn or any other Daily Deal Coupon for the full 60 or 90 minutes after the expiration date.


For example, we charge the additional fee* below;

Massage                         Menu Price        -     Daily Deal Price    =   Price Difference

60 Minute Swed/Deep      $80.00                               $39.00*                        $41.00*

60 Minute Swed/Deep      $80.00                               $40.00*                        $40.00*

90 Minute Relaxation       $90.00                              $45.00                          $45.00

90 Minute Deep Tissue    $90.00                              $45.00                          $45.00

90 Min. Hot Stone (L.S.)  $90.00                              $45.00                          $45.00


*Additional fee is $40.00 for any 60 minute LivingSocial, GroupOn, or any other Daily Deal coupons that have any ongoing expiry date(s)


*Additional fee is $45.00 for any 90 minute Daily Deal coupons that expire.


*Additional fee is $45.00 for the 90 minute LivingSocial coupons that expire on

March 10,2012, July 21,2012, & October 4,2012.


*Additional fee is $45.00 for the 90 minute GroupOn coupons that expire on

December 5,2012 or any ongoing expiry date(s)


All Daily Deal coupons (LivingSocial, GroupOn, etc...) must be booked and used before the expiry date for the full promotional value.

If booked and used after the expiry date, the promotional value expires, the full menu pricing is used for massage bookings.

For example a 30 minute massage is worth $45 dollars on our massage menu...click here


***No LivingSocial, GroupOn coupon(s), any daily deal(s), or any ongoing email special(s), can be used with our "Specials" pricing on our Menu page.