Massage Therapy

Swedish Relaxation Massage is a very therapeutic style of bodywork. It combines oils or lotion with an array of strokes such as rolling, kneading, and percussion to help the body improve its circulation. The benefits of this type of bodywork are wide-ranging and include relief from aches and pains, decreased stress levels in the body, enhanced mental clarity, improved appearance, and greater flexibility.


Deep Tissue Massage is a form of bodywork that aims to relieve tension in the deeper layers of tissue in the body. Deep Tissue Massage is a highly effective method for releasing chronic stress areas due to misalignment, repetitive motions, and past lingering injuries. Due to the nature of the deep tissue work, open communication during the session is crucial to make sure you don’t get too uncomfortable. Keep in mind that soreness is pretty common after the treatment, and that plenty of water should be ingested to aid with the flushing and removal of toxins that will have been released from the deep tissue during the session.

30 min            60 min              90 min         
$45                  $80                   $110                       

$30                 $60                    $90                      

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Bowenwork is a form of soft tissue therapy intended to eliminate pain, increase range of motion, and rebalance the entire body. It does this by using manual techniques to stretch the fascia and release the bonds that exist between the fascia, muscles and bones. Fascia is the connective tissue that connects and covers all muscles, organs, and skeletal structures of the body. Bowenwork applies light pressure and gently stretches the fascia which allows for increased blood circulation and relief from pain.


Bowenwork pricing


1st session            $ 85.00 (1st session is approximately 75 min)


Return session      $ 65.00 (each return session is approximately 60 min)


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CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy is a bodywork method that focuses on gently stimulating your CranioSacral system (membranes and fluid that surround the brain and spinal cord) to heal the body by improving the functioning of the central nervous system.CST effectively complements your body’s natural healing process, and has been known to help alleviate a wide variety of problems including:


    • Central Nervous System Disorders


    • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


    • TMJ


    • Fibromyalgia


30 min                  60 min   

$30                       $60 

*Valid only with James Davis

*Price subject to change without notice.


Pelvic Core Alignment


Pelvic Core Alignment

Pelvic bones are often put out of alignment by various physical, emotional and chemical causes leading to a misaligned spine, reduced blood flow and other bodily dysfunctions.

Pelvic core alignment focuses on realigning the pelvic bones into the proper position by externally manipulating the muscles around the lower back and abdomen area.  Pelvic core alignment uses many different types of massage, including deep tissue work, myofascial bodywork, soft tissue release, acupressure, and more.  Two sessions within a week or two are recommended to obtain the best results for initial pelvic alignment. In addition, the therapist will teach each client how to maintain the corrected alignment once they leave the session. 


Pelvic core alignment can help:

  • Chronic back and shoulder/neck pain or stiffness
  • Migraine headaches
  • Sciatica (pain in buttocks and down the leg)
  • Knee pain or pain in other areas can sometimes also be a side-effect of pelvis problems
  • Efficient weight loss

90 min           

Only with Sawako Ama

Prices are subject to change without notice.                     

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage is a type of bodywork that uses deep penetrating heat and/or alternating cold from specialized stones.  The physiological benefits of alternating hot and cold to the body have long been scientifically and medically proven.

Hot Stone Massage delivers a profound expansion and contraction inside your circulatory system, improving the function of your lymphatic and immune systems, and enhancing your body’s self-healing mechanisms.  This style of bodywork takes you into deep states of relaxation, releasing stress and anxiety, detoxifying the body, and balancing your nervous system.

90 min


$110 Special

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